Simple Views on a Convoluted term – sustainability

Sometimes I wonder that how many beautiful languages have been evolved by humans and that too with some magical words in each language. Yes, Magical because these words can express group of thoughts and feelings which we will not be able to define otherwise with our vocabulary. I was thinking about one such word today, “Sustainability”. Now a day, this is very common word used with some other great words such as sustainable lives, sustainable development, sustainable technologies and many more. If we think of its literal meaning then that would be ability to sustain. Whose ability to sustain we are referring to?

As individual human being we cannot sustain anything, then perhaps it is the Mother earth’s or Mother Nature’s ability to sustain our activities, may be development, technology or anything. Do we have any doubt on Mother Earth’s ability to sustain us? I don’t think so, every mother has got enough ability to strengthen and support their child, no matter if they are worthy or not as a child. The nature has also got all strength to bear us. Its strength is surely beyond our imagination. Then for what we started using this word more and more? Have we started realizing that we are not worthy as Nature’s child? Have we started listening to Nature’s voice from tsunami, earthquake, forest fire, climate change and many more natural calamities happening every day in some of the other parts of the world? Obviously we are responsible for all such things.

The way we are living our life is not good enough, that is why we are trying to be sustainable for earth. Okay, I have decided I will try to adopt a better lifestyle from today itself. I will try not to waste water and electricity, I will turn off vehicle while waiting at signal, I will keep my own bag while going to market, I will keep a water bottle with me, I will separate waste at home as dry waste, wet waste and electronic waste, I will try to reuse things before throwing them, I will adopt eco friendly alternatives and I will prefer cycling and walking wherever possible. But….will my efforts and actions make any changes in this big world? The answer is very clear ‘No’. But will there be any change in this world if all the people think like me without making any effort? Again answer is very clear ‘No’. So without making any excuse I will go for a go green life.

I will spread a word about it and I may be able to inspire others also. Actually this is what happens and works, inspiring people by your word when you have already lived them. Many great people, great organizations, governments who are putting so much efforts to save nature in many ways, are also trying to teach us all how to care nature with taking small steps, by adopting some changes in lifestyle.

No one can do it by himself/herself rather it will need efforts of every individual and institutions. Adopting some changes in lifestyle will of course take some efforts to move out of comfort zone, but doing something for good gives the best feeling and healing. So I will enjoy this go green life by adopting simplicity. Again a magical word with great meanings ‘Simplicity’, isn’t it? The very life, a nascent one is the simplest form of nature, the most sustainable one. It uses only what it needs, without aspiring for anything more. Maybe simplicity in life and purity of thoughts is sustainability, which we are trying to achieve by physical actions only. What do you think?

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