Water Vending Machine / Water ATM

Akshay Swachh Jal Water ATMs are incorporated with following features:

  • Easy to use and lend a lot of conveniences
  • Plug and play module – Kiosk can be installed in 3 hours
  • Kiosk can produce up to 12000 liters of pure mineralized water per day
  • Automatic dispensing by card and also coins (Rs 1,2 & 5) in the Kiosk model
  • Kiosk can be programmed to dispense any quantity – from one glass to 20 liters
  • Remote monitoring and control of Units can be done – Kiosks are centrally connected to track performance and usage continuously – can be seen real-time
  • Self-cleaning system with multiple filtration processes and re-mineralization
  • Software support for analysis and reports on performance and usage
  • LCD TV for health learning programs and advertising Self-sustaining unit

Treatment flow chart

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